CPO Awards 2017

CPO AWARDS 14 CATEGORIES                                                                                        

1. Overall Excellence in Procurement

The flagship “ Overall Excellence in Procurement” award recognize exceptional achievement. The award is presented to the Organization that has undertaken the most successful project or activity, and helped raise procurement's profile to the rest of the business community.

2. Outstanding Leader in Procurement

The  Award is presented to procurement's corporate star and open for nomination to all senior individuals. This award showcases an individual's significant contribution to a key initiative or project and how they have influenced its outcome thereby the Organization at Large. The winner can be nominated by themselves or can be chosen by anyone inside or outside their organization or involved in procurement in the wider context that believes the individual concerned has made a significant contribution via their own activities or has influence to the advancement of procurement.

3. Outstanding Future Leaderin Procurement

The 'Outstanding Procurement  Future Leader' Award category recognizes the Procurement Leader of the future who has demonstrated initiatives in rolling out specific plans & strategies towards achieving organizational goals. The applicant should ideally be a Mid-Level Manager (min 3yrs & less than 7 yrs) with Knowledge of Procurement practices and business issues & has a grasp of aligning business interests of the organization to its workforce needs.

4. Outstanding Procurement Team

This category recognizes the “Procurement Team” that has worked best to achieve a significant goal or achievement & the recognition is given based on the accomplishments of the team in relation to its size and the complexity of its procurement activities. In this category, the team will have demonstrated initiative, creativity and leadership to be a positive force for change & improvement in the procurement function. Nomination for this category can be processed either by themselves/anyone else involved in the project or initiative in the Organization.

5. Emerging Women Leader in Procurement 

The 'Emerging Women Leader in Procurement ' Award category recognizes the women leader in the procurement  function who has demonstrated initiatives and has provided significant contribution, both in terms of thinking & implementing key strategic initiatives within the organization, it should also outline what makes her involvement unique and contribution of this initiative in rolling out specific plans & strategies towards achieving organizational goals. The objective of this award is to encourage more women leaders and empower them to take leadership position in the procurement  function.

6. Excellence in Procurement Transformation

This award will reward those organisations that have achieved great things through a significant transformation thereby significantly improving the quality of an under-performing function or taking an already high-performing organisation to the next level. Procurement organisations go through transformations for a number of reasons;  to achieve a step change in capability, to align closer to a wider business strategy, to get closer to the business and key markets or to increase compliance, among others.

7. Excellence in Supplier Relationship Management

This category recognized a organization who identify opportunities and benefits for rationalizing supply base, develop and or manage effective relationship with supplier, develop new supplier qualification plans and conduct supplier performance evaluations.  Spread, intensity & complexity of SRM activities with reference to overall procurement activities shall be considered with demonstration of the accomplishments.

8. PSM Competence Award

In this new era of ever-changing global economy, competence management is crucial to improve business performance as well as to manage risks. The core competency of the Procurement & Supply Management (PSM) serves to validate the individual's ability and knowledge to perform the work challenges to a set of quality standards and acceptable level of performance in job with the highest credential and recognition.

9. Excellence in Procurement Sustainability

This award recognise the procurement function that has used that influence for a positive effect, while remaining financially responsible. This award demonstrate the significant contribution of its Procurement teams to the achievement of social, ethical, sustainable, environmental and community outcomes & enhancing an reputation & brand values in an SRP context.

10. Outstanding Cross Functional Collaboration

This category recognises a procurement team that has successfully worked with another functional team from the same organisation to deliver a successful procurement project or initiative. The award in this category is presented based on how collaboration has successfully influenced the outcome to achieve a mutual goal set by the Management

11. Excellence in Use of Technology

The Excellence in Use of Technology award category demonstrates the most effective use of today's technology an enabler and has successfully influenced the outcome of a procurement project. This can be across functions / teams / geographies within the Organization which has enabled in identifying gaps and thus increase ROI.

12. Outstanding Solution Provider

This category recognize Solution Provider's that are committed to delivering the same high quality service to all clients across all tiers, to improve performance & efficiencies & productivity. The Award recognizes solution providers who work closely with individual customers, thereby providing quality customer service, high value for money & positive client feedback. This category is open to solutions & technology, consultancy, outsourcing & training services organisations.

13. Excellence in Use of Technology

In a constantly changing business environment, risk mitigation & contingency plan is vital to maintain supply chain efficiencies at any given point of time in any given process within the Organization. This category recognizes companies that have managed breaks in supply chain through business, political, natural or economic causes. The Judges will be looking for identification of the problem, the work around and the result thereof achieved in increasing the bottomline.

14. Excellence in People Development

This category recognize the most effective people development within procurement thereby creating a tangible positive working environment. The judges reward programmes related to innovation in attracting, retaining & developing human capital that have raised the skill levels and contributed to improvements in performance & career development through various initiative.

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5th Edition of CPO Forum India & Awards 2017, 14 - 15 September 2017, Hotel Novotel Mumbai
“The next industrial revolution” or “Industry 4.0.” Whatever term you use, a combination of newtechnologies - from big data analytics to 3D printing - is revolutionizing companies' operational and administrative processes and creating innovative digital products and services

Reflecting the effects of Industry 4.0's cutting-edge technologies and data management on strategic and operational procurement, the additional concept of “Procurement 4.0” has recently emerged. What does Procurement 4.0 entail? And should it be the strategic compass for chief procurement officers in the foreseeable future? There are many opinions, and every company will ultimately require its own strategy as it takes on both the challenges & the opportunities that come with advanced procurement. The digital innovation will disrupt not only the way their organizations work today, but the entire value proposition of procurement to their suppliers, customers, and internal process partners. In this forum, we offer a framework for adapting to the organizational changes that a 21st-century approach to procurement will require

 The 2 day Conference will focus on Journey toward Procurement Excellence & reshaping the procurement organization and its capabilities to take on the challenges and the opportunities of the expanding global digital revolution.

Attend this informative event and gain practical insights into:

Procurement 4.0: Developing new procurement value proposition
Introducing new digital process & tools
Procurement Maturity Level: Improve the efficiency & effectiveness of their procurement functions
Explore Disruption Technologies
Paper presentation: Procurement Excellence, Transformations & SRM
Sharing experiences: Strategic Sourcing / Category Management
Signature Session: Jeopardy Round! - A quiz competition

For Agenda and Sponsorship Opportunities:

Reach us at +91 9967043729 / shabda@conferenceasia.in 

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CPO Winners 2016

Categories Award Winner Runner- UP Runner UP
Overall Excellence In Procurement Birla Sunlife Insurance & Biocon Limited Shree cement  Times Of India
Outstanding Leader In Procurement  Mr. Kumarlingam - IBM India Mr. Subhash Mango -M & M - Farm & Tractor Mr. Amitva Bakshi - TATA Steel Ltd.
Overall Excellence In Supply Chain Essel propack Ltd Milacron Ferromatics Mahindra & Mahindra - Farm Equipments
Outstanding Leader In Supplychain Mr. Shashank Raodev - Mahindra Vechicles Mgt Ltd. Mr. Amit Pandey - Tikona Digital Networks Mr. Mandeep Sachdeva - Indus Tower Ltd
Outstanding Procurement Team Birla Sunlife Insurance Sree Cement Ltd Indus Tower Ltd
Outstanding Future Leader Samraj Joseph - Kellogs India Ramkrishna Sahu -  First Capital Varun Wadhawa - Tikona
Excellence in Procurement Transformation WNS Global Birla Sunlife Biocon Limited
Emerging Woman Leader in Pro / SCM Sangeeta  IBM India    
Excellence In People Development TATA Steel Limited IBM India Cipla Ltd 
Outstanding Cross Functional Collaboration IBM India TATA Steel Limited M &M - Farm & Tractor
Excellence In Procurement Sustainability UTC - United technologies Sterlite Technologies HDFC Life
Outstanding Warehouse Management Indus Tower Sterlite Technologies Tikona Digital Networks
Excellence in Supplier Relationship Management Cipla Limited Tikona Digital Networks First capital
Excellence in Use of Technology M& M - Automotive Division Olam Agro IBM India
Outstanding Solution Provider IBM India Denali Sourcing  Mjunction
Excellence in Risk Mitigation UTC - United technologies IBM India Tikona Digital Networks


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